What does stoned mean–and is it different from being high? (2023)

What does stoned mean, really? Don't stop at Merriam-Webster or Wikipedia if you want the whole answer because the meaning isn't just drunk or stone-dead (and let's not talk about killing people with rocks, please).

According to Weedmaps, the basic definition of stoned (pronounced stəʊnd or stōnd) is experiencing the effects of the intoxication of Cannabis. However, in cannabis culture, "stoned" often refers to the 'heavy' body sensation that sets in.

There's a lot more to that story, as anyone who has tried Cannabis will tell you. As more people learn about the benefits of Cannabis and the plant becomes more mainstream, people have lots of questions about the effects of Cannabis.

People often use the words "stoned" and "high" interchangeably to describe what using is like—you might find them listed as synonyms in a thesaurus. But is being high the same as being stoned? What about being baked, buzzed, or couch-locked? What does it mean to be stoned vs. to be high vs. to be buzzed, etc.?

We get it. Whether you're new to learninghow to smoke weedand you're overwhelmed by the lingo, or you're an experienced stoner with your own ideas on this, this post will take you on an English language expedition and explain the differences between being "baked," "buzzed," "couch-locked," "high," and "stoned."

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What does stoned mean–and is it different from being high? (1)

Stoned vs. High

Many people think that stoned is just another way of saying high. Or the latest trendy way to say buzzed. Although the terms "high" and "stoned" refer to how we feel the effects of Cannabis, each refers explicitly to a unique experience.

Simply put, feeling high is experiencing the euphoric, uplifting, cerebral effects of Cannabis, while feeling stoned is the sensation of sedated and relaxing effects.

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Although "stoned" and "high" are often used interchangeably, they refer to opposite effects. High feelings refer to mind effects that often energize the user while feeling stoned refers to body effects that relax the entire muscle and body system.

So what is the difference between being stoned and high? The "couchlock" effect—which makes you just want to sit or lay around without moving and relax, is always associated with being stoned. Those racing thoughts you might first get during a buzz or high stage are usually not sustained during being stoned.

Here's what being stoned feels like:

  • Body buzz sensation
  • Calm
  • Hungry
  • Lethargic
  • Pleasurably numb
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy

What about feeling high? How does feeling high differ from feeling stoned?

Once you get past an essential buzz, you're high. You feel that classic surge of energy and improvement in your mood. The high depends on variables such as the potency of the strain, consumption method, and the smoking experience level.

After reaching the initial buzz, how the high feels depends on the person and other factors—it's a little unpredictable. While most people feel happier, more creative, giggly, and more social when high, some experience anxiety and paranoia as the high intensifies. Whether stoned or high, it's worth noting that either can lead to side effects like red eyes, cottonmouth, or lower lids.

What does getting High mean?

Getting high refers to being under the influence of Cannabis. However, more generally, some use it to mean under the influence of drugs. Typically, the more Cannabis you consume, the more "high" you will feel. In other words, it's not simply a matter of 'yes or no, am I high?' Instead, it's a spectrum of states, from a light buzz to a deeply baked state.

That basic feeling of happiness and euphoria you get after smoking cannabis flowers with friends is being high. Your mind is racing, and you get lots of ideas—and you may pursue them with unusual passion! You're high if you get into a deep conversation with your buddy about whetherRainy Day Womenis about smoking pot or women in the Bible.

A cannabis high feels incredibly euphoric and results in more mental energy. Cannabis consumers often experience the following:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Giggly, happy, joyful feelings
  • Energetic mood
  • Ideas inspired to action
  • Sociable, talkative

How does Cannabis work?

Here comes the science!The endocannabinoid system (ECS)is the regulatory system that manages numerous systems and functions throughout our bodies that keep everything in balance. Humans produce signaling molecules called endocannabinoids naturally to interact with the ECS. THC acts in the body similarly, binding to the brain's CB1 receptors and producing a cannabis high.

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The method of consumption for Cannabis is essential, but for starters, focus on inhalation. After that first toke, a feeling starts to creep in—the buzz. The body feels lighter, but mental activity gets much more intense. Within about 15 to 30 minutes, the peak of the high comes, bringing a strong sense of creativity, joy, and motivation with it.

What makes some smoke-outs leave you energized and others couch-locked? This is related to the chemical components of Cannabis, such as cannabinoids and terpenes.

Terpenes control cannabis flavor and aroma, and they also influence its effects. For example, the terpene limonene is uplifting and energizing, while the terpene myrcene promotes restful sleep and soothes aches and pains in the body. The less-abundant minor cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN, also affect how it feels to be stoned.

Indica vs Sativa

People often say that indicas are the ones that stone you while sativas get you high. But is this right?

Not really. The indica vs sativa classification applies to the physical growing characteristics of plants. Such as how tall they grow, where they grow, and how they are grown. However, many strains contain sedating terpenes like myrcene or uplifting terpenes like limonene. So check the terpene profiles of the ones you like best for patterns.

The last and best advice we have for making any strain of Cannabis works better is using aMouthPeace Filterto removetoxins like tar—without losing any of those precious cannabinoids or terpenes. It's the way to get the healthiest, smoothest experience.

What is Stoned?

What does being stoned mean? Many words in our cultural lexicon refer to the different levels of being "high," stoned being one of them. These labels help define and shape cannabis culture.

Some say the etymology of the term "stoned," pronounced stoʊnd, dates back to the Bible. In those days, wrongdoers were pummeled to death with stones as punishment. Others say it goes back to the Italian word, foggy or confused; "stonato."

Stoned first became popular in the US during the 1920's as a way to describe people who had had too much to drink. The meaning persisted and extended to other drug use for decades, although it soon came to include and be dominated by Cannabis. (For example, The Rolling Stone'ssong "Stoned"was changed to "Stones" in many releases, probably to avoid controversy. (As cannabis use becomes more and more mainstream, expect to hear fewer and fewer words for it.)

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, being stoned involves not thinking or generally behaving due to the effects of drugs. The American Heritage Dictionary says you're intoxicated by drugs, especially marijuana, or stone-drunk senseless. So, if you are stoned, does it mean you are abnormal, intoxicated, or even senseless? Eh, no need to go so far. When Stoners talk about being stoned, we're referring to the body high that often comes along with cannabis use

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Today, most cannabis users agree that a high falls softly into a stone within a few hours after peak intoxication. The method of consumption also influences the high vs. stoned experience. For example, dabbing high-THC concentrates can produce a notable cerebral rush, unlike edibles, which deliver a lasting, deep body stone—but only after taking much longer to kick in.

In general, stoned refers specifically to those relaxing body effects. Below is an essential word list of other states associated with cannabis consumption.

  • Baked
  • Blasted
  • Blazed
  • Blitzed
  • Blunted
  • Colocado (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Couch-locked
  • Faded
  • Lit
  • Mastool (Israeli, borrowed from Arabic)
  • Spaced-out
  • Wiped-out
  • Zoned
  • Zonked

Different Levels Of Being Stoned

What are the different feeling/experience states between stoned, buzzed, high, etc.?

What does stoned mean–and is it different from being high? (2)

Here are some example sentences to explain the differences in levels of being stoned and how the words are used:

"I only had a small hit, so really I was just a bit buzzed."

"You can't even get a buzz in around that guy; he won't pass the J ever!"

"She was upset, so she smoked out, got high, and did some painting that night until she felt better."

"Andy is nervous in crowds, so it helps him feel high before a party to socialize and talk more easily."

"Let me tell you, I was so stoned after getting hurt at the gym Saturday, and I needed it!"

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"Early on in the night, she was pleasantly high, but she started feeling a little too stoned and a bit sleepy to stay out after a few hours."

"Mark got so baked yesterday that I found nothing but an empty box of doughnuts, all of the chips gone, too, and him sleeping on the sofa!"

What does stoned mean–and is it different from being high? (3)

Buzzed vs. High

As you've already seen from the discussions above, there are different levels of cannabis impairment. Buzzed is the initial intoxicating feeling experienced after a toke or rip. The slower and more creeping changes like euphoria and giggles characterize a high more than a buzz.

Baked vs. Stoned

Finally, we arrive at baked: that last, sleepy caboose on the cannabis train. Think of the buzz as the first sign of the high—or as far as you get if you consume just a little-- and baked as the last stop when you consume quite a bit. They are opposite states.

A person who gets to the point of being baked is beyond buzzed, high, and stoned. They are more intoxicated than those three states.

For most people, it's pretty hard to think at this stage. Lots of people try to avoid it altogether. For some, of course, this is the sweet spot!

It's pretty easy to detect someone who is baked. Their eyes are bloodshot, laughing (or at least grinning senselessly), and both couchlock and the munchies are real.


We hope this has been a helpful discussion of what experiences come with being stoned vs. high vs. buzzed. It's not all the same! Are you a fan of that happy, creative high zone or more into chips on the couch while stoned? It's all good from our perspective—be aware and informed about your cannabis use and goals!


Does stoned mean high? ›

Medical Definition

stoned. adjective. ˈstōnd. : being drunk or under the influence of a drug (as marijuana) taken especially for pleasure : high.

What does it mean when someone feels stoned? ›

The effects of cannabis can vary massively. Some people say feeling 'stoned' makes them feel chilled out and happy in their own thoughts, while others say it makes them giggly and chatty. But it can also make people feel lethargic, unmotivated and some people become paranoid, confused and anxious.

How do you know if you're too stoned? ›

Signs Someone Is High

Physical signs of marijuana use include red eyes, poor muscle coordination, delayed reaction times, and increased appetite. A sudden shift in mood from tense to relaxed could indicate marijuana use, as could abrupt symptoms of anxiety, panic, and/or hallucinations.

What does stoner stoned mean? ›

Britannica Dictionary definition of STONER. [count] US, informal. : a person who uses drugs frequently : a person who is often stoned on drugs (such as marijuana)

What does it mean to get high? ›

(idiomatic, slang) To intoxicate oneself with drugs or other substances.

What is stoned in drugs? ›

By definition, being "stoned" is the experience of intoxication by the effects of cannabis. Often used to describe the heavy, sedating, and relaxing experiences sometimes associated with using cannabis.

What is another word for being high? ›

On this page you'll find 52 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to stoned, such as: intoxicated, ripped, tipsy, wasted, baked, and bombed.

What to do when high alone at night? ›

  • Creative activities.
  • Watch yourself in the mirror.
  • Get moving.
  • Do normally boring activities.
  • Use your sharp mind and focus.
  • Plan your dream trip.
  • Play video games.
  • Watch something.
May 6, 2022

How long does a high last gummy? ›

It Takes Time to Feel the Full Effects

With edible cannabis, the intoxicating effects or “high” do not kick in for about 30 minutes to two hours and peak at about four hours. The effects can last up to 12 hours after use and residual effects can last up to 24 hours, so you could be affected into the next day.

What to do if you're really stoned? ›

Here are eight ways to help you sober up safely.
  1. Watch your dose and potency. ...
  2. Give it time. ...
  3. Stay calm and use relaxation. ...
  4. Find a distraction. ...
  5. Drink water, but avoid coffee and beer. ...
  6. Avoid other substance use and folk remedies. ...
  7. Use a safety plan. ...
  8. Seek out professional assistance.
Aug 17, 2021

Do you sleep longer when stoned? ›

While THC typically acts as a sedative, it can have a stimulating effect for some people, especially for those who are new to using cannabis or taking higher doses. In these cases, using cannabis before bed may result in a longer time falling asleep.

Does it hurt less when you're high? ›

Some people respond really well, others not at all, or even poorly. Brain imaging shows little reduction in the brain regions that code for the sensation of pain, which is what we tend to see with drugs like opiates. Instead cannabis appears to mainly affect the emotional reaction to pain in a highly variable way.”

What makes a stoner girl? ›

Though a stoner babe prefers to keep it chill, she is always down for whatever. She never has a solid plan, and she likes to go with the flow. She'll never say no to a joint, and as long as there's weed, she'll be around to smoke it. She loves a good adventure.

Does stoned mean drunk? ›

In the 60s and 70s, being stoned referred to being under the influence of any kind of drugs, but nowadays it usually refers to being high on cannabis. But it rarely refers to being slightly inebriated and rather describes someone who is pretty… well stoned.

What is the personality of a stoner? ›

Most of the stoners out there thrive on exploring the unexplored. This personality experiences a constant desire to learn new things and solve the mysteries of life. What confirms the fact that you are a pothead is open-mindedness, learning abilities, and broad perspectives.

Why is it called stoned? ›

This would have come from the fact that buildings in those days, especially large ones, were built or fortified by stone. Shortly after, around the year 1483, the term stoned was used to describe the act of being hit by stones. This more often than not was used when an individual was caught for a crime.

Why do stoners talk like that? ›

The tongue becomes majorly affected (Rosado 2019). Rather than focusing on higher level processing, this research analyzed the articulatory level, and found that THC was slowing nerve responses, leading to this lag in speech and slurring of words typical for a stoner.

What is it called when you're not high? ›

Cyclothymia, or cyclothymic disorder, causes mood changes – from feeling low to emotional highs.

How would you describe a natural high? ›

Natural highs are intense, elated experiences that offer healthy, life affirming choices to a drug induced high. People have the ability to experience natural highs. They occur because the brain releases chemicals called endorphins. This helps to relieve stress, and keep us energized. Natural highs exist in all of us.

What is the quality of being high called? ›

Euphoria, or in this case euphoric.

How do you stay grounded when you're high? ›

See you on the other side.
  1. Take a deep breath. ...
  2. Get comfortable. ...
  3. Try an extra dose of CBD. ...
  4. Eat a little something and drink some water. ...
  5. Take a cold shower. ...
  6. Get some fresh air. ...
  7. Sniff some terps. ...
  8. Take an ibuprofen and call it a night.
Jun 13, 2022

How do you get higher high? ›

If you want to get a better high, it's important to slow down and make sure you are truly inhaling that smoke. Try following a 4-2-4 count: gently inhale for 4 seconds, pause for 2 seconds, then exhale for 4 seconds.

Do edibles make eyes red? ›

Yes, edibles can make your eyes red, if they contain THC. It doesn't matter how THC gets into your body. Whether through a vape, joint, drink, edible, or other smoking apparatus, cannabis will make your eyes red if it has THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Redness happens because of the effect THC has on your eyes.

What are the cons of taking edibles? ›

Unlike smoking cannabis, consuming edibles does not generally result in rapid relief. The length of time it can take for edibles to take effect is the major caveat against this method of administration. If you need immediate relief, the best option is typically to smoke.

How fast do edibles go bad? ›

Many gummies and chocolate edibles will have long shelf lives of about 1-2 years, while other items like baked goods may expire sooner (as they would even without the cannabis infusion).

Should you drink water when stoned? ›

Hydrating is always a good idea, especially when you're using cannabis. If your mouth feels super dry when you're high, that's because cannabis actually inhibits your salivary glands. Cottonmouth can trouble even the most experienced stoners, so it's a good idea to have some water or hard candies on hand.

What is greening out? ›

Teenagers who abuse marijuana are at risk for a condition called greening out, which occurs when someone takes too much marijuana and experiences unpleasant side effects such as vomiting and dizziness.

Why don't you dream when high? ›

The problem is that THC disrupts REM sleep. Since THC holds people in a deep stage- and REM happens in light stage- REM cycles get skipped. If you smoke nightly, you go into REM rebound: you dream early and inefficiently. Many people who get high before bed think that they do not dream.

Does sativa make you laugh? ›

In fact, both indica and sativa can cause a laughing fit. Energizing sativa is perfect for shifting perspective: boosting creativity and the ability to see humor in any situation.

Do edibles make you lose weight? ›

The first thing that we need to make clear is that cannabis edibles aren't a magic bullet for losing weight. If you've experienced significant weight gain, you'll need a long-term diet and exercise plan to help you get back on track.

Is it harder to come when high? ›

While some felt that being high led to more intense orgasms, others had difficulty reaching orgasm because they felt too distracted. Likewise, while some felt that alcohol delayed or inhibited orgasm, others said that being drunk allowed them to orgasm faster or more often.

Does your heart beat harder when high? ›

Marijuana can make the heart beat faster and can make blood pressure higher immediately after use. It could also lead to increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and other vascular diseases.

Is it easier to get hard when you're high? ›

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some men find that consuming cannabis is helpful in achieving and maintaining erections, but consuming too much can impede arousal. It's not clear the degree to which those effects are physiological and to what degree they are related to psychological factors like stress and anxiety.

How do guys act when they are high? ›

If you know someone well, you can tell if he is exhibiting unusually high sociability, lack of inhibition, poor judgment, or an increased or decreased appetite or sex drive. Inappropriate laughter and intense snacking are common signs of marijuana use.

What are the benefits of being a stoner? ›

People have many different reasons for choosing to use cannabis, but some commonly reported reasons are relaxation, stress relief, and to generally feel better. Many patients report using cannabis for both symptom relief and recreation.

Do you get creative when high? ›

In other words, cannabis doesn't impact your actual creativity one way or the other, but it does boost joviality, making you think that both your own ideas and other people's ideas are more creative than they really are. This may seem counterintuitive.

What are the biggest stoner signs? ›

Signs someone is high
  • Red eyes (weed eyes)
  • Droopy eyelids.
  • Slurred or delayed speech.
  • Repeating themselves.
  • Being unusually happy and giggly.
  • Seeing or hearing things that are not there.
  • Being incoherent.
  • Delayed reaction times.
Jul 25, 2022

Can a stoner date a non stoner? ›

As long as they respect your love for the herb, there should be no reason why the two of you can't be together. But that also means you have to be okay with their choice not to toke. To get respect, you have to give respect.

Can you have a relationship with a stoner? ›

As long as your partner's habit isn't an addiction however, you may find that dating a stoner isn't all that different from any other relationship. With some patience, understanding, and knowledge, you can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with that special stoner in your life.

What is the difference between drunk and stoned? ›

There are physical differences too. Alcohol tends to make you feel more numb; marijuana can make you feel dry, users report. One of the most interesting findings, Palamar said in an interview, is that the very illegality of marijuana might help facilitate positive sexual encounters.

Is it worse to drive stoned or drunk? ›

It takes about eight hours for levels to drop after having an edible. “Stoned driving,” Dr. Pearlson said, is as dangerous, if currently less deadly, than drunk driving. Many people don't understand that, and have a false sense that driving while intoxicated on cannabis is safe, which is untrue.

What happens if you drink high? ›

Researchers have recently learned that alcohol also impacts the endocannabinoid system. So, if you drink alcohol and use cannabis at the same time, you enhance the depressant effects of each. This can lead to serious side effects and dangerous behaviors.

What is it called when you're high and drunk at the same time? ›

Cross-faded” emerges as a commonly known term for effects of using multiple substances. It most often refers to using alcohol and marijuana simultaneously, and second-most to being drunk and high at the same time.


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